Wood you spot the difference between solid and veneer?



I had a nice couple in my showroom last week.

We got talking and I could tell straight away the guy was a timber guy.

He really appreciated the quality of my ranges and was enjoying exploring all the different hardwoods on display.

As we talked he mentioned he had got stitched up in the past buying a hardwood cabinet he was told was solid timber only to find out later the tops were veneer. He was disappointed in himself for not spotting the difference, by the time he noticed and went back to the place of purchase the company had closed down, no surprise.

I explained that there are some products in the market place that have almost fooled my trained eye of 23 plus years experience.

I recently came across a full range of blackwood furniture imported where the tops looked solid however on closer inspection the tops were only solid about 10cm in from the ends and edges and the majority of the top surface area had been veneered in strips to match the solid end grains. To the untrained eye it looked solid.

When your looking for timber furniture make sure you ask lots of questions and seek out an independent retail furniture specialist, make sure they don’t have the words clearance centre or outlet or closing down sale on the windows and look around and find out how long they have been in business.

Quality furniture is an investment that will last if you make good choices. as the saying goes “Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten”

If your not sure what your considering is the real deal then its probably not and if you need a second opinion get in touch with me before you buy.


The Word on Wood by Mark Mortelliti