Matching timber furniture to your home decor

So you’ve found a great price of furniture but are stuck on how to get it to fit style-wise into your home? Just follow these simple steps to ensure your furniture not only looks great in your home but looks like it belongs too.

First to consider is colour. With furniture you can either blend with what is in your home or go for a deliberate contrast. For example: if you have Tasmanian oak floors and choose a Tasmanian oak table the table can get lost amongst the same colour timber. To offset this you can choose upholstered back chairs in a strong colour to differentiate whilst tying it all together. On the other side if you choose a table that is very dark in contrast to the light Tasmanian oak floors that is enough contrast to make the setting look great. Simply accompany the table with timber back chairs of the same colour.

The other mention in using colours is tying your other pieces of furniture together by utilising the same colour theme for all pieces in the house. For example: If you have dark furniture in your living room, carry this on into the dining room, study and bedroom too. It will connect all your furniture and make the whole house come together in style.

The second point to consider is on using accessories. Items such as mirrors, cushions, wall art, and other similar pieces are the icing on the cake. They can enhance the room by adding colour and finishing off the room setting. Use colours that bring out the tones of the timber. For example: for a Red Gum TV Unit you can add cushions on the sofa in various hues of red to bring out the rich red colours that Red Gum timber is known for. And if the sofa is in a neutral colour like cream or light grey the red cushions will also contrast with the sofa and tie the room together.

The third point I will mention is choosing if your style will be contemporary or traditional. Modern timber furniture is typically square edged, with lots of straight lines and a uniform and symmetrical layout design. Traditional style tends to be about details like tapered or turned legs, detailed edges like shark nose or bull nose, sometimes involves wrought iron and sometimes with carved details. The current trends are all about modern styles with bright vibrant colours. My suggestion however is choose a style that A) suits your house and B) you most enjoy.

So there you have it. 3 simple rules for matching timber furniture to your home décor: Colour, Accessories and Style.

Written by
Nathan Brown
Lifestyle Furniture