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Wooden ToysWooden toys have been a part of children’s enjoyment and development for many decades and centuries.

Wooden toys in today’s modern world of electronics still play a important part of childhood development and enjoyment, Just as they did when you were a child playing with wooden blocks building that tall building or those wooden trucks and cars, dolls houses and of course educational apparatus made from timber such as an abacus or Cuisenaire blocks used in primary school to help teach numeracy to children.

Over time wooden toy makers became more imaginative and elaborative with their wooden toys such as beautiful doll houses and its contents, wooden trucks and cars with working parts and of course wooden trains and carriages all elaborately painted on wooden tracks including stations and out buildings

Wooden toys are still made and played with today by children all over the world not to mention adults who play games such as chess made from various timber and those intricate wooden puzzle’s that will test most people’s patients.
Wooden toys are simply a plaything that encourages the use of children’s imaginations as well as in developing fine motor skills.
Finally wooden toys are extremely durable and can last for generations and have stood the test of time.

For your pleasure I have included some images of fun and educational toys, plus plans to make a set of stacking rings

: plans taken from

Written and compiled by
Robert Santimaria
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