Custom designed timber furniture

Timber Furniture custom made in Australia

Australian hardwood timbers are amongst the finest in the world, we are spoilt for choice. Stunning Redgum and Jarrah with natural red colors ranging from red wine tones to central Australian earthy red colours. Blackwood with its natural chocolate browns through to salmon pink tones.
Messmate with fantastic whirls of grain and Victorian Ash or Tasmanian oak with its consistent lineal grain patters which can be clear finished or stained to suit your personal taste.

When shopping for Timber furniture, you will already have your unique personal taste. For some, timber furniture is an emotional purchase and your senses will draw you to designs and styles which suit. Look for a reputable, specialist retailer that really knows and loves timbers. The salesperson should be able to answer all your questions about the timbers used, where the timber is sourced from, give you advice on the best timbers to use and explain the joinery and construction methods.
You should ensure you get a minimum guarantee of 5 or more years on your furniture.

The use of timber Veneers in furniture making is becoming more common. You should ask your retailer about veneers and where they are used. Natural Timber Veneers are beautiful and very efficient and economical usage of timber in furniture. High quality timber veneers are available in redgum, Blackwood, Jarrah, Victorian Ash and Tasmanian oak. In a world starting to focus more on resources, a veneer allows timber usage to go further. Timber veneers do not move & do not expand and contract like a natural timber and therefore enhance structural integrity, stability and product longevity.

Natural timber furniture is always unique; no two trees are the same which makes your furniture special and beautiful.
Quality timber furniture will last you many many years, and provide many years of enjoyment. Clear finished natural timbers will continue to mature in colour over time showing off its natural beauty.

When caring for your timber furniture avoid spray polishes which are high in silicone, look for wax based products and natural oil based products which are more gentle on your furniture’s finish. Polish and Wax should only need to be used around 4 times are year to maintain your furniture. In between keeping the surface dirt and dust free with a damp cloth is enough to keep you furniture looking great day to day.

Timber furniture actually stores carbon, the tree has taken CO2 from the atmosphere and locked it into the wood. It is only when the wood is burnt or decays that the carbon is released again. When you buy timber furniture make sure its source is from a renewable plantation and that the furniture will last many generations.

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