iPhone Apps to help your furniture shopping

Have you ever got to a furniture shop or hardware store and needed to know the measurements of a room or a wall to help you with your purchases?

Your smart phone can help you.

There are some great apps available in the app store which help you to plan out your house by recording all the important measurements once and then you have them with you permanently.

The for iPhones the following apps can help

  • Photo Measure Lite
  • Measure tools linea
  • Subspace measure rooms

These are just 3 of hundreds of apps that allows you to take a photo of your room and then with some simple clicks you can record the measurements of walls and doors and floor areas to help with your purchases when your out and about shopping.

So take the time to gather up all your data and then when you get out there shopping you will have all the info you need with you.

Just search “measure” in the app store.

Happy Shopping

Mark Mortelliti






Timber Furniture and LED Lighting

Timber Furniture and LED lighting

We have been incoprorating LED lighting into some of our furniture recently. The terrific light output from such a physically small light allows us to design timber furniture with the ability to be creative with the use of LED lights.

The lights used in the stunning vodka cabinet are LED. The LED lights are in a very small strip which allows us to rebate the timber and mount the LED light flush with the timber. The flexible LED Light strip itself it approx 10mm wide and about 7mm deep.

In this made to order cabinet it sets a great mood of light highlighting the collection of unique Vodkas.

Its custom made to suit our client Cameron and he was very happy with the results.

If you need custom made timber furniture then get in touch with me.

Custom made timber furniture

I made this buffet for my Client Neil in Vermont about 5 years ago, but the glass top was made and supplied last week.

Neil recently came to me and asked if I could make a top to suit the buffet, I said yes of course no worries.

It got me thinking however that almost every chain store in the country would have to say “No”. No because they no longer import that model, or the size had changed, stain colours had changed, or they simply didn’t make hutch tops in the range at all to begin with.

It’s specialist work, matching timbers and stains and designing sizes to suit. It might surprise you that the top and bottom were actually made by different companies because things change over time as they always do.Custom made timber furniture Melbourne

As you can see with the attention to detail and our staining techniques the result is great and you would not know they were made at different times.

That’s what you get when you buy your furniture from a timber specialist, Local knowledge and skills which take time to craft and help you get terrific results in your home.

Best of all the work and the investment stays here in Australia supporting local business and employment.

If you need some custom made furniture for your home or another item to suit furniture you already have then get in touch with me.