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We have these great cube bookcases which are available in a range of sizes and configurations which is a great way to set up your home office because you can select the individual units in various sizes to suit almost any size home office or wall space you want to fill. These cube bookcases are made of solid pine and are stained in one colour only which is a light walnut shade. One of our client recently purchased 4 of them and has screwed them together to make an interesting bookcase set up for their home office – thanks for the photo Ella it looks great. These cubes are priced from about $199ea to $399ea. This set up is about $1299 in value filling a wall of 2500mm x 450mm and they are 1850mm tall. These are part of our import lines but we also custom make bookcases to suit any application. cubes home office


We regularly make bookcases to order to suit our clients homes. We make bookcases in Vic Ash, Messmate, Blackwood, Jarrah and other timbers on request.

We usually use a combination of solid timbers and veneers especially if our clients request adjustable shelves.

Our bookcases can incorporate doors with glass or timber inserts, fixed or adjustable shelves, box type design with open backs or just the traditional straight shelf right across the cabinet.

The majority of our bookcases are locally made so instead of just settling for the standard sizes of 1800, 2100 and widths of 600, 900 or 1200 you can have a bookcase perfectly sized to suit your home.

If you bring in the dimensions or email them in we can usually quote it within 24 hours.

This way the bookcase is perfectly suited to your home and maximises your storage.

We can also stain bookcases to blend with your exiting desk and file cabinets or any other furniture item in your home.

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