Fixing heat damage to timber table

I recently had a TV dinner with the kids and sat around the coffee table in the lounge room and shared a dish of nachos.

It was Nachos supreme including guacamole, sour crème and assorted toppings.

I retrieved the corked back placemats we have and laid them on the coffee table surface.

The baking dish was taken from the oven and put on top of the placemats.

I assumed this would be an adequate barrier for the heat but unfortunately I was wrong and when clearing the table an hour or so later found that the heat has scolded my table leaving the white patches you see in the picture below.

Of course this type of damage can be fixed but its a bit of work and needs to be done properly.

The job involves sanding and removing the damage, re-staining and sealing and then tops coats of clear finish.

The average price of repair is about $350 to re do the surface. The results when done properly are usually excellent and the table surface is returned to basically brand new.

I will post pictures shortly once I have had my coffee table repaired.

If you have damaged your table in a similar way get in touch we may be able to help you.

fixing heat damaged furniture


Award Winning tables

I’ve been fortunate enough to be given the honour of displaying the 2013 Timber Table of the year as awarded by the Australian Furniture Association.

Its proudly displayed in my showroom in Nunawading.

Its a credit to the young man who produced it.

Jonathon has done a wonderful job, his attention to detail and unique design makes for one of the most beautiful tables I have seen locally crafted in my 23 years experience.

We invite you in to take a look at the table for yourself, it is available for sale, contact me if you are interested.

Mark Mortelliti

GT130615 069