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I just took a call from Chris down in Warrnambool and if your a woodwork buff like him, then you have proudly made your own timber table in your shed. Well Done.

But what are you going to do about chairs?

Chairs are extremely intricate to make and the joinery needs to be excellent so they can withstand daily action from the family. If your kids are the same as my 3 then they will swing on them, all kids do. So chairs cop a fair bit of stress and punishment day to day.

I stock and have access to a few designs of chairs in Ash and Messmate timber which are raw so you can finish them the same way you stained your table and get the setting looking great with the added value of being proud you made your own table.

In store I have lots of chairs to show you and when you combine all the choices of fully upholstered, timber backs, timbers including jarrah, blackwood, Ash, Messmate, fabrics, leathers, timber seats, cushion seats and stain colours, I have 1000’s of different chair combinations and one to suit you.






I can also stain some of my chairs specially to suit your table, all you need to do is bring me an offcut of the timber you used for the table, with the same finish you put on the table. I will get your selected chairs professionally stained and colour blended for a showroom finish that will compliment your handmade table and impress the family.

Sometimes buying chairs separately can be a little more expensive but when your sitting on a good quality chair and family and friends are raving about your table, you will be pleased you had a crack and handcrafted your own table.

Mark Mortelliti

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