Redgum Timber Furniture Natural Bark edge table.

A couple years ago a friend of mine asked me if I could make her a single slab redgum table 2700 x 1200 in size. Making the table was no problem but sourcing the timber slab was much harder. The slab needed to be about 2900 x 1300 -1400mm and at least 50mm thick. These are rare and hard to find timbers not readily available down at Bunnings!!

After many phone calls to my vast contacts in the timber furniture industry I was off to country Victoria to look at a stock pile of redgum slabs held by a 3rd generation family of timber merchants at their mill.

I was successful and got the perfect slab down to Melbourne and the finished table was beautiful and takes pride of place in my friends home.

What was interesting is the different “interaction” the natural bark edge creates with those dining. Whilst enjoying celebratory dinner with my wife and our friends at their new table, I noticed that everyone was running their fingers along the undulating natural edge, almost “experiencing the timbers history” via their sence of touch whilst enjoying a glass of red wine.

If your looking for a slab table in redgum get in touch.

Redgum tables Melbourne

Redgum tables Melbourne




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